"How two souls help each other to a better life"

Coaching for seekers of harmony between horse and man beyond any training method.

It was over from one day to the other.

I was no horse trainer and no riding instructor anymore.

My accumulated titles were averted by a heavy downpour.
And since I was an absolutely insignificant nothing, for the first time I was really free.

Free enough to realize that the path to a deep connection with this creature can not begin with something external,

but only through a profound change within myself.

It was not so much about what I was doing - I had to BE different, so the horse perceived me differently.

But how the hell do you do that?

I had to find out who I really was, what I was here for and what subtle messages I sent out unconsciously.
I had to somehow influence these mysterious energies in order to come a little closer to my dream:


  Meeting the horses on a higher level of consciousness.

Who I am

I started out as a traditional trainer, then spent several years traveling around the world teaching the method of "a horse whisperer" until I finally discovered the elemental power and simplicity of the horse's true language.


That was the initiation of a long search for true friendship beyond any training method.

What I do

I help people in the communication with their horse to get from a monologue to a proper dialogue!


That includes an exchange on a physical, emotional and on an energetic levelMoments of oneness and swinging together in harmony are the highest rewards in this philosophy.

For whom I do that

For everyone who has the knowing that the world is ready for a fundamental shift and who wants to take the next step.


For everyone who is feeling deep inside his heart that there is a connection more intense existing in  the relationship between horse and men.


For everyone who needs some inspiration on his very individual journey towards the essence of horses and healing.




Learn the vocabulary and competence rituals of the horse's natural communication and work on the subtle energy that you transmit.


"Because friendship can not be found

in a training method."



Body awareness and minimal balance changes

for a natural interaction without pulling and pushing. 


"From work to meditation."



"Riding: The dialogue between two bodies and two souls,

which aims at establishing the perfect harmony between them."   W. Seunig


Equine Dialogue | Dordogne |  South France

E-Mail: contact@equinedialogue.com