Disconnect to Reconnect

No matter where you come from, what your profession is about or if you have ever touched a horse,

you are welcomed to live a horse experience out of the ordinary.

Even if we stop talking, we can not stop communicating. Our body is constantly giving information about our conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings.

Horses are the best teachers for body and mind awareness as their communication system works completely without spoken words. The healing properties of the horse are widely known and used for therapeutic purposes. They  are very sensitive and mirror perfectly our state of mind. In addition to that they never lie and they follow only an authentic personality. The horse does not know yesterday and tommorrow, it lives only in the present moment, and that is where we will meet him.

Profit from genuine leadership, energy control and body awareness combined with the french art of living. Disconnect from the stress and the life at 200 km/h and reconnect through the horse with nature, with the authentic part of yourself and the essentials of real luck.

You need a change of perspective?

See the world for one weekend through the eyes of a horse and dive into the work of a horse whisperer.


You are welcome to tell us a bit about yourself, your situation and your needs so we can create your personal program.