Dialogue in the Saddle

"We need to understand how our mind effects our body 

and how both affect our horse."   Sally Swift

"Riding: The dialogue between two bodies and two souls, which aims at establishing the perfect harmony between them."   W. Seunig

A wonderful tool to make the  art of riding accessible for every rider.


  • feeling for the horses movements
  • the right amount of tension in our body
  • our seat how and why
  • how to influence the horses rythm
  • the right timing for the aids
  • how the horse feels our hands
  • ground exercises for body awareness
  • images that can help our body doing right
  • riding that keeps our horse healthy

You will profit...


... from more harmony in your performance.

... in case you suffer from pain while riding.

... when you feel stucked with your horse on a certain level.

... in case you still get some unanswered questions.

... in case you are fed up with the style of teaching that      makes you feel like you were not talented.

... when you need a more individual way for your body, that  does not fit in stiff traditional forms.


... or if you simply want to get a real connection to your  patner while enjoying life together!