Let us listen to your horse

The decade of horses in boxes starring against the wall, who are just supposed to function for a sport or a hobby that we have chosen, is coming to an end. More and more people start questioning the narrow minded tunnel of equestrian sports and traditions.

"People do not just want to have fun.

A lot are looking for real fullfillment in their life."

Succes, money and and status just makes us happy for a short moment, but long-term it makes us lonely. Real fullfillment is not to search in individualism but in partnership. In the end it is not the moments of winning competitions that will be important but the moments of honesty shared with a partner; the moment of being connected and feeling deeply understood.


We want your horse to become the best partner he could possibly be!



Important factors for the positive development of your horse:

  • Bringing body and mind in balance
  • Recognition of character and talents
  • Offering the right environment to learn and to grow, safe and without stress
  • Create motivation to develop his talents

"Strengthening strengths weakens weaknesses."  Antje Heimsoeth

Your horse is not a number

We take a maximum of four horses in training so we can give to each one the idividual attention that he needs. Your horse can profit from an open stable, access to an individual paddock, quality hay, fresh water and mineral salt 24h. We try to ensure a maximum of confort  while respecting the horses nature. And we will take care of your horse as if he was our own.

What service would your horse book?


Our horse training services are available at our facilities in Aquitaine (Dordogne 24).

Information and Reservation: contact@equinedialogue.com