Going Bitless




Riders, trainers and equestrian stars (picture: Frédéric Pignon) from every angle of the world and from all disciplines show us the great results that  we can obtain without using a bit or even a headpiece.


Why should you not do the same with your horse?

The question is not if the bit is good or bad,

but why should we use  something that we do not need?

Putting a piece of metal in the fragile mouth of a horse involves a big risk of misuse, even if we try to do well.

If you are interested to learn more about the bit and its major consequences I suggest the studies of Dr.med.vet.Hiltrud Strasser and  Dr.Robert Cook. Having read their book changed my life and the life of my horses, too.


"The long habit of seeing anything negative in it, can give to a thing the superficial appearance of being right."  Thomas Paine

The young horse

We offer to work your young horse from the beginning on bitless and to continue his education towards the gymnastics of classical dressage without a bit in case this is your wish.

Experienced or Remedial

We can also help you to adapt your horse from a normal bridle to a bitless one. Especially with horses that lost their sensitivity in the mouth and horses that run without control we achieve very good results.

Neckring / Liberty

Riding with neckring and at liberty is a special pleasure for us, in case your horse stays in training for a minimum of three months.


Just get in contact.


In case you are worried to lose control over your horse without a bit in the mouth you are welcome to have a look at our

Dialogue in the saddle and to learn how to control the horse from the center of your body.


Price: 490 EUR / month including boarding

Information and Reservation: contact@equinedialogue.com