Intelligent Starting

An important moment in the life of your young horse

"The most important piece of equipment

are the hands that hold it." Monty Roberts

It does not matter if you train horses for dressage, jumping, racing or as free time partner. In every discipline you profit from an intelligent training approach based on the horses nature and scientific studies.


By giving the horse freedom of choice, the horse develops an incredible will to do what we ask him to.

"It is not good enough to get your horse to do what you want.It is far better to cause your horse to want to do it." Monty Roberts

For sure you can train a horse with hard bits and sharp spurrs. Training based on forc, fear and compliance does function. But you will not create willingness and engagement. 


The difference of compliance and engagement is like the difference of jumping as high as necessary and jumping as high as possible.

Jana and her team enjoy to start your horse and make you grow together as a team. To continue with an exellent relationship when your horse comes home it might be useful to participate in the courses Dialogue on the Ground and Dialogue in the Saddleor to learn in a Private Coaching.

Duration of Training: 3 months en Dordogne

Price: 490 EUR / month including boarding


Next free place: March 2017

Information and Reservation: