Problem Solving

when the dialogue misses vocabulary

You have a problem with your horse?

Your horse has a problem with you?

Or you have difficulties to explain your horse something new in the way he can understand?



That is ok! We all get some problems at a point just like in life there are always ups and downs. We simply have to accept that. And even if the downs do not make us feel so good, it is normally these periods that make us proceed the most in our personel development, in our life and with our horse.


In general our horses like our dogs teach us exactly the lesson that we try to avoid since ages.

(I can sing you a song about this...)


As specialist for equine behaviour and psychology I can already tell you that we can fix these difficulties together. Even serious traumas can be overcome. As every horse and every person is individual, I can just not tell how long it will take. But horses are quick learners, highly social intelligent and thereby extremely cooperative. So there is big hope that we can solve the misunderstandings quicker than you thought.

"Horses react appropriately while waiting for the human to get it right."    Monty Roberts

Checklist for perfct manners

Does your horse...

  • welcome you happily when you open the door of his box?
  • put freely the head into the halter when you pick him up in the field?
  • respect your personal space while leading?
  • like to be touched, saddled and showered?
  • stand still for the blacksmith?
  • stand still while mounting?
  • stay calm when a plastic bag flies in the wind?
  • enter in the trailer just because you forgot to close the ramp?


You answered everything with "YES"?

Congratulations! You seem to do a lot of things perfectly right!


Your horse does not get perfect manners but as you love him and his little caracter so you try to live with it?  No horse wants to behave badly nor feels happy in that way. By constantly taking over the leadership yourself  your horse will naturally relax and find the safety by your side that he has always been searching for. For sure it would be fun to participate together with your horse in a "Dialogue on the Ground" course or in the Monty Roberts Certification Course.


Duration of Training: from 1 session to 3 months

Price: 70 EUR for 1 session (+ 50cts/km if furher than 20 km)

            490 EUR for 1 month (including boarding at our facilities)


Information and Reservation:, Tel. +33 7 8557 7924