The horse is the best example for finding a balance between social integration and individual freedom. With its pureness and honesty it is able to touch us at the core of human existence. The horse can show us where we lost our dreams and values in exchange for status and wealth. At the same time it empowers us to go further in the search of identity and sense of life.


Succes, money and status makes us happy for a short moment, but long-term makes us lonely. Real fullfillment is not to search in individualism but in partnership. In the end it is not the moment of winning competitions that wants to be shared with a partner; The moment of being connected and feeling deeply understood.


We ride bitless and train our horses a lot in freedom with the possibility to take their own decisions. The knowledge about biomechanics and classical dressage are the base to develop healthy and balanced animals. The recognition of their individual talents and interests leaves room to develop their outstanding personalities. 

"Having a real dialogue with a horse on the ground or in the saddle is like doing art.  Like a piano player whoes fingers get lost in a  beautiful melody and leave his consciousness behind. It is a pure connection that is as intensive as it is simple. It is the moment when you stop thinking and start floating. When you live so intensive in the moment that you dont realise it started snowing. In the beginning there is the word, the knowledge, the technique. Then we fill it with feeling untill it becomes a meditation."       Jana

Jana's life: Living for horses


The reason for Jana to work with horses is pure love. Horse sports and competition never made much sense to her and she considers the life with horses and moving together in balance as an artistic process. Jana is not only a multiple licensed trainer and riding teacher but has also studied photography and holds a degree in journalism, specialized in equine behavior.


Jana loves to travel and can profit from demonstrating, teaching and lecturing natural horse communication in eleven countries on three different continents. Jana is happy to share her passion in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.



Jana is a certified Monty Roberts and Centered Riding instructor, but she does never follow blindly one method. She regards the individuality of horse and rider as most important and puts a strong emphasis on mindfulness; the intense body and mind awareness in the present moment.


Jana & Thibaut

when a Business man meets a horse whisperer

Jana comes from Germany.

Thibaut comes from France.

But not only geographicly we arrive from very different corners.

While Jana was growing up enjoying animals, nature and freedom, Thibaut was raised in the metropol of Paris, the city of love and fashion but also the busy crossroad of european economy.

While Jana was studying the different natural horsemanship concepts and Monty Roberts methods, Thibaut was learning in business schools, preparing his life as international developer for the biggest companies of Europe.


When me met each other and found unconditional love we realized that it is useless to run after recognition.

We joined our strengths in 2011 for the global project to help Monty Roberts on the mission to leave this world as a better place for horses and for people too. We burned all bridges down behind us and founded our company Fale Equus in Brazil. We taught during 3 years natural training techniques and delivered knowledge in South America where the word violence still takes on a different dimension.


We are now living in the south west of France where we founded "Equine Dialogue" to share in a more personal and profound way the communication with horses and the balance in life close to nature.