Private Coaching

Horsemanship and Dressage through Mindfulness

Horsemanship: The relationship between horse and human.

Dressage: The art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility and balace. 

Mindfulness: The state of awareness. The process of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences of the present moment.

You are welcome to experience the Dialogue on the Ground or the Dialogue in the Saddle in a one day private coaching. We can arrange both workshops at your home with your own horses. Dialogue on the ground is also available at our home base in Lot et Garonne (south west France).


The big benefit of the private coaching is the possibility to have a trainer coming to your home who is specialized in light dressage riding and the correction of behavioral problems at the same time.


Jana likes to share one complete day with you and your horses, to accompany you from the field untill the riding place, analysing and helping you with specialized skills in every situation. The goal of a fine communication is to make your day with horses more easy, safe and harmonic.

"Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing.

If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life." Brian Tracy

Sensible Gymnatization

Unfortunately the horse is not made for carrying a rider,  the gymnastics of classical dressage enable us to form a healthy riding horse. That has nothing to do with the dressage competion you see on tv, we simply focus on sensible gymnastization to develop horses that are mentally and physically in balance.


You need the dressage gymnastics no matter what discipline you want to perform just as you need the alphabet no matter what language you want to learn." Jana


Of course you do not  need a dressage horse for this, you can also do it with a shetty! Like already Bernd Branderup said: "The horse is not there for the dressage but the dressage for the horse."


Sensible gymnastization is completely independant from the style of riding and the used material. You can do it with a snaffle bit, a stangbit, a bittless bridle, a neckring or at liberty. You can use a "good and fitting" western/dressage saddle... or ride bareback.


All depends on you. On your feeling, your seat, your hands and your mind!

It is not about doing big things, but the quality of all the little things that brings us harmony with horses.

This is exactly what equinedialogue concentraits on.

Duration: 1 day

Investment: 290 EUR (+ travelling expenses)

Date:  By arrangement


Get in contact to reserve a date.