Dialog am Boden - 2Tage

Natürliche Kommunikation durch Körpersprache

This practical class is concipated for small groups (2 to 6 participants) and takes place regularly at our home base in south west France and at partner facilities. These places in France, Spain and Brazil are chosen for their outstanding qualities to combine learning and holiday.

This class is open for everybody, however his nationality, age or equine discipline.


During individual lessons in the round pen you will learn to communicate through bodylanguage with the free horse. You will learn to "read" the horse and to use your body and your energy to enter in a fine dialogue.

You will get a deep knowledge about the nature and the psychology of the horse and the ability to take over the leadership naturally.


Being more aware of the individuality of each horse will give you the possibility to create personalized training sessions and within an atmosphere of respect and trust the horse can mentally and physically grow to his full potential.

"Bevor du ein Anführer wirst, geht es immer darum selbst zu wachsen.

Wenn du ein Anführer geworden bist, geht es darum, andere wachsen zu lassen. "  Jack Welch

Werde die beste Führungspersönlichkeit für dein Pferd!

Wichtige Lernpunkte:

  • Die Natur  des Pferdes                                       (Evolution, Verhalten and Psychologie)
  • Das natürliche Kommunikationssystem des Pferdes     (Sprache und Signale)
  • Sensibilität für die individuelle Persönlichkeit jedes einzelnen Pferdes
  • Bewusstheit für deinen Körper und seinen Ausdruck
  • Qualität des Dialoges: Jede Bewegung sollte preziser, schöner und ehrlicher werden
  • Emotions¨- und Energiekontrolle
  • Aufbau einer verständnisvollen Beziehung auf der Basis von Respekt und Vertrauen

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."   John Quincy Adams

Dialogue on the Ground

Duration: 2 days (for 2 to 6 participants and up to 10 spectators)      

Prices: 490 EUR per person for participants and 190 EUR for spectators

Payment: 50% at reservation (complete payment before the class)


Next Dates:

11th and 12th of February 2017 - Villa Campus - San Paulo Brazil - course already full

29th and 30th of July 2017 - Villa Campus - San Paulo Brazil


Information & Booking: 

contact@equinedialogue.com (France) , Tel.: +33 7 85 57 79 24 

contato@faleequus.com (Brazil)

Equine Dialogue Complete - 4 Days

"It is the riders who leave their horses free, that can feel the pleasure of the art of riding."   Nuno Oliveira

After working with our horses at liberty in the round pen you are welcome to stay

and to experiment how free and fine we can guide them from the saddle.


Get the full inspiration of "Dialogue on the Ground" and "Dialogue in the Saddle" at a preferential price.

The Dialogue on the Ground course is always followed directly by the Dialogue in the Saddle course at the same location. 

Equine Dialogue Complete Course

Duration: 4 days (for 2 to 6 participants and up to 10 spectators)      

Investment: 790 EUR per person for participants and 290 EUR for spectators

Payment: 50% at reservation (complete payment before the class)


Next Dates:

From summer 2017 on in France and Spain

Information & Booking: 

contact@equinedialogue.com, Tel.: +33 7 85 57 79 24 

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